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Sewage treatment

High-concentration waste water treatment technology

Anaerobic waste water treatment technology

Yingherui has been focusing on the treatment of high-concentration waste water for many years,the maximum uniformity of water distribution; unique sludge-water separation design maximally intercepts anaerobic sludge, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the anaerobic reactor.

1.The treatment technology has been successfully applied to pharmaceutical, paper-making, starch, alcohol, juice waste water and other industries.

2.Every year, the company provides more than 50 anaerobic reactors of different types for customers of different fields.

3.It can provide different anaerobic reactors such as USR, UASB, UBF, EGSB as well as IC and CSTR for different fields. 

4.It has developed several waster distribution integration systems against different waste waters for customers to choose.

As the livestock waste water is featured by high TS, high COD, high ammonia nitrogen and high phosphorus, over many years' exploration, we have summed up a set of efficient and low-cost technologies, mainly including efficient solid-liquid separation system, anaerobic treatment system and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification technology. Compared with traditional process, the system can save more than 60% of operation cost; efficient anaerobic technology and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification technology can maximally reduce volume of buildings and save more than 30% of the project’s cost.

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