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Biogas project

We never simply copy 

but to customize exclusive solution for customers

We have our own independent biological laboratory to provide customers with test experiments of different raw materials. Even for new materials, Yingherui laboratory can provide fermentation experiments and analysis on the potential of biogas production to provide customers with reliable raw materials feasibility analysis.

1.More than 200 biogas plants have been built for customers up to now.

2.From UASB reactor to USR and then to CSTR

3.Technical process is developed from one-section anaerobic reactor to two-stage anaerobic reactor and to now the ABDP anaerobic biological multiplication technology is developed.

4.Fermentation raw materials: livestock wastes (pig, cattle and poultry wastes), fibrous raw materials (corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw and pennisetum purpureum schum), kitchen waste, organic wastes of industrial production and sludge, etc.

We provide customers with the whole A-Z services. From waste collection and management to anaerobic fermentation processing, from biogas purification and desulfurization treatment to comprehensive utilization of CHP or CHP purified and compressed to CNG, from storage, utilization and management of biogas residue and slurry to the application of organic fertilizer, etc., Yingherui is not only a clean energy producer, but also your reliable wastes and energy management partner. It is just a transformation process from wastes to energy. We pay more attention to realizing the efficient conversion from wastes to profits.

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