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CASS system

CASS, short for Cyclic Activated Sludge System, is developed on the basis of SBR, i.e., one biological selector is added at the inflow end of SBR pool, which realizes continuous inflow (including sedimentation period and drainage period) and intermittent drainage. The main purpose of setting biological selector is to make the system select flocculent bacteria, whose volume accounts for about 10% of the pool. The technical process of biological selector follows the matrix accumulation-regeneration theory of activated sludge to make activated sludge experience a high-load adsorption stage (matrix accumulation) in selector, and then experience a low-load matrix degradation stage in main reaction zone to complete the whole process of matrix degradation and the regeneration of sludge.

1.Continuous inflow and intermittent drainage.

2.Time sequence of operation.

3.Unstable state of operation process.

4.Cyclical change of dissolved oxygen and high concentration gradient.

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