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EGSB system

Expanded granular sludge blanket reactor (EGSB reactor) refers to the anaerobic reactor integrating the bottom sludge zone and mid-upper gas, liquid and solid-phase separation zone, with high rising flow velocity inside the reactor through back-flow and structure design and in which granular sludge is in the expansion state. 

EGSB reactor is actually the improved UASB reactor. It is operated at high rising flow velocity to make granular sludge at suspension state, and then keep full contact of water inflow with sludge granules. EGSB is featured by the expansion state of granular sludge blanket with high rising flow velocity.

EGSB reactor is mainly composed of water distribution device, three-phase separator, effluent collection device, circulation device, sludge discharge device and gas-liquid separation device.

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