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Organic fertilizer production line

       Raw material of agricultural fertilizer

   Agricultural organic wastes generate biogas slurry after anaerobic digestion process. In addition to major elements N, P and K and minor elements Ca, Mg, Mn and Fe necessary to plants, the slurry is also rich of various substances such as amino acid, protein and humus beneficial to the growth of plant.

      Agricultural planting way

     Our company owns the liquid organic inorganic compound fertilizer production line equipment, foliage fertilizer and soilless cultivation nutrient solution through acidification, flocculation, filtration, complexation, compound and other technological means based on biogas slurry. The produced fertilizers form high, mid and low-grade liquid fertilizer system to satisfy market demand.

      Practical application

    The technology can be combined with technologies such as field coupling irrigation technology, drip irrigation technology, water and fertilizer integration technology and soil testing formula fertilization technology to promote the seamless connection of biogas engineering and agricultural planting.

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