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Intelligent automatic control system interlinks each control node as a whole through Ethernet technology to ensure flexibility and universality of the system; through integration of Ethernet and external system, it is able to easily realize remote access to equipment in the whole network. The system realizes visualization of the production process, trend analysis, database records, related service notification, log, analysis report, etc.; the system also has the function of automatic operation in accordance with the defined production process in the whole process; the system provides and sends instant production messages to production and management personnel, realizing duty-free function in production field. Due to the combination of intelligent automatic control system with industry internet and big data platform, network cloud data service platform is established, which realizes the remote monitoring of automatic control system and the information management of production process; moreover, intelligent control system and big data is combined to optimize production process design and production process control, and provide functions of equipment management, intelligent early-warning, cost analysis, etc.

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