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Biological Desulfurization

Biological desulfurization of biogas refers to the pretreatment technology of biogas. During the production of biogas, the biogas contains poisonous, harmful and corrosive hydrogen sulfide which is required to be removed before the biogas is applied for civil use, burning boiler, power generation and purification, etc.

Now, the company has developed the biological desulfurization method to remove hydrogen sulfide in biogas and the operating cost is low. In addition, the removal rate is up to 99%. The operation of biological desulfurization of biogas is stable, especially applicable to large biogas production scale; its impact resistance is strong and meanwhile, its covering area is small. It can run continuously without disassembly for replacement of fillers and the operation is safe.

Biological desulfurization is divided into acid process for biological desulfurization and alkaline process for biological desulfurization. During the production of biogas, the difference of contents of methane and hydrogen sulfide in biogas and the difference of biogas applications, determine whether acid process or alkaline process is used for desulfurization. In general, the content of methane in biogas is high and the content of hydrogen sulfide is low. Acid process for biological desulfurization can be used on biogas applied for civil use, burning boiler and power generation, etc. While alkaline process for biological desulfurization has no requirements on the content of methane or hydrogen sulfide, especially the hydrogen sulfide from 1,000 ppm to 30,000 ppm; such process is suitable for various applications of biogas, such as biogas purification and all other biogas applications.

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