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ABDP anaerobic biological multiplication technology

A high quality for low-concentration (TS) material fermentation — ABDP anaerobic biological multiplication technology

Problems of low-concentration materials such as manure cleaning by water submerging in the livestock farm during anaerobic fermentation and biogas production:

1.TS concentration is low and water content is even above 98%;

2.Anaerobic OLR is low, the concentration of microbial flora is low and the gas production rate of reactor volume is low; 

3.The input-output ratio of stirring device is very low;

4.HRT, SRT and MRT of CSTR reactor are equal; microorganism and organic matter lead to the loss of gas production with discharging loss of reactor;

5.Limited by retention time, the degradation rate of material is not high;

6.High moisture content of material leads to the difficult balance of system heat, especially for north project in winter; too great energy consumption leads to poor economic efficiency of the project.

ABDP anaerobic biological multiplication technology is essentially to separate HRT and MRT\SRT by operation control through new process design, and make anaerobic system obtain longer MRT and SRT with relative shorter HRT, so that the anaerobic systemcan have higher-concentration microbial flora to achieve higher organic load rate, improve the decomposition and degradation rate of organic matter, and then increase biogas production.

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