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Semi-aerobic hydrolysis

SAHP oxygen-compatible cellulose hydrolysis technology

As a kind of microbial pretreatment technology, it is a new technology specially researched and developed according to the characteristics of wood fibrous fermentation materials, successfully breaking the technical bottleneck of biogas production with fibrous materials like straw.

China of straw raw material is different from Europe, influenced by harvest time, we have the straw dry yellow, fiber molecular had different degree of dry shrinkage, and even showed obvious hydrophobic properties. This situation, the anaerobic fermentation difficulty is very big, will produce a series of problems, such as easy to form scum layer, the residence time is too long, but the gas production is very small, stirring reactor must maintain high load operation, operation cost is too high.

Compared before and after the hydrolysis:



 Corn stover                                                

In order to solve these problems, domestic universities and other research institutions are also constantly trying various physical and biochemical methods, such as the alkali liquor soaking pretreatment represented by Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the microbial pretreatment represented by China Agricultural University, etc. Each method has both advantages and disadvantages. The technical feasibility can only be proved by practice test.

Yingherui's SAHP oxygen-compatible cellulose hydrolysis technology is to create a kind of special oxygen-compatible environment, and make hydrolysis fermentation microorganisms have a mass production in a short period in the hydrolysis tank to form absolute dominant bacterial community and produce a large amount of extracellular hydrolytic  enzyme so as to act on cellulose and hemicellulose molecular 

for hydrolysis. Small molecule monosaccharide formed by hydrolysis can be further degraded to volatile fatty acid. The hydrolyzed and acidified material will enter anaerobic fermentation system through pumping system, and the subsequent methanation process will become very easy. The retention time of reactor is greatly shortened, generally within 30 days, while the time in relevant operation case of Europe is within 20 days. In view of the difference of material properties, the domestic retention time is available to be within 25 days. The scum in fermentation tank is greatly reduced and the operation power consumption of stirrer is greatly reduced. In addition, CO2 in hydrolysis section is released. Therefore, CH4 concentration in biogas of anaerobic section is 5-7% higher than that of normal fermentation process.

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