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  • YHR signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand company Green Energy Network, works together to develop the environmental protection market of Thailand
  • Release Time:2017-10-25 9:50:29        News Author:Miller        
  • 17th Oct, 2017, Marketing Director of Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co Ltd., visited Thailand with his team, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand environmental company Green Energy Network(hereinafter refer to as GEN) officially. Mr. Kiattisak, CEO of GEN received our visit cordially, and held a signing ceremony at the headquarter of his company. 

    GEN is a well known environmental protection company in Thailand, who can provide professional consulting services in the aspects of biogas project process, investment and financing, core equipment, project construction and operation. Until now, they have undertaken a number of construction work of biogas projects. GEN is highly consistent with the overseas market demand of YHR, two parties have realized a cooperation relationship based on a truly win-win situation. 

    According to the cooperation agreement, in the future, GEN will be as YHR’s long-term exclusive distributor in Thailand, to promote YHR self-produced environmental protection equipment and patented biogas project related technology. YHR will provide professional technical support and equipment supply services for GEN, to develop Thailand environmental protection market together.

    During signing ceremony, Mr. Kiattisak analyzed the prospect of biogas market of Thailand and said that Thailand government had been paying more and more attention to the promotion of biogas projects recently. Until 2016, around 1500 biogas plants of all scale had been build in Thailand, more than 4 billion baht of subsidies had been injected. He hoped, in the context of encouraging the development of biogas projects by Thailand government, YHR and GEN could focus on biogas projects and do their best to  make their environmental protection industry bigger and stronger, to radiate throughout Thailand.  

    In this regard, Mingming Wang said that the cooperation is a new attempt and is complementary advantages of both sides. The cooperation with GEN would add new strength to the overseas business of YHR. It is believed that both sides can create higher value in future cooperation.

    At signing ceremony, Mingming Wang, Marketing Director of YHR and Kiattisak Kobkanjanakorn, CEO of GEN signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides respectively. GEN vice president Chaiwat Pollap, YHR Marketing Manager Chen Zhao, as well as the first customer of GEN and YHR after cooperation Suchart Tunglamare jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.

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