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  • Strong combination, YHR teams up with well-known state-owned enterprise to create an innovative model of livestock manure treatment
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  • COFCO is working with YHR tobuild a 1+2+N model for large-scale livestock manure treatment.

    On August the 8th,2017, YHR formally signed a cooperation agreement with Jiajiakang (Yongcheng) Co.,Ltd., a branch of COFCO. The two parties will fully cooperate to improve therecycling of the bio-waste from a 550000 pigs breeding base in Yongcheng. Asthe project company, Yongcheng Grain Agricultural Waste Treatment Co., Ltd.will be fully charged to receive the animal manure from COFCO, then through ananaerobic process, biogas will be produced and later used for electricity generation,the electricity will be connected to the grid. The total installed capacity is 2.5MW;the biogas residue and biogas slurry will be used to improve the soil qualityof local farmland. The total investment is expected to reach 136 million Yuan.

    At present, the State Counciland the ministries in China are deepening the utilization of livestock manureand accelerating the green development of animal husbandry. By 2020, China willbasically solve the comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry fecalpollution. In this context, the cooperation between YHR and COFCO is creating anew model: a leading aquaculture enterprise entrusting a leading technicalcompany directly for its manure waste treatment. This strong combination willhave a deep impact in the development and the competition environment of thebiogas industry.

    In recent years, YHR have activelyexplored the practical business models for the use of fecal resource inagriculture. In response to the state initiative, PPP, which is a governancemodel that promotes the participation of the private capitals in socialservices, YHR have successfully applied 1+2+N, N2N and other business modelsand have received high degree of concern and recognition from all levels ofgovernment. Among these models, 1+2+N mode is an YHR’s new practice to dock itsprofessional technology with a large-scale agriculture enterprise. In thismodel, YHR will use manure and crop stalks from large-scale farming as the mainraw material. It also dock the capital with the agriculture enterprises, toinvest and construct an organic waste disposal center, which produce biogas andbiogas related fertilizer. At the same time, in working with the localgovernment, the cooperating parties will jointly guide the integration ofdownstream farming and derivative industries, including local characteristicplanting, high-end green organic cultivation, agricultural products processingindustry, agricultural eco-tourism, etc. This cooperation will open up the relatedupstream and downstream industry chain, and achieve a perfect integration ofthis industrial chain to the greater value chain. This sustainable developmentwill promote the reform of the local agricultural supply side, and achieve thecomprehensive utilization of agricultural organic waste through the localagricultural industry transformation and upgrading.

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