• Established in 2005, Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yingherui), is a high-tech enterprise and has long been committed to the fields of resource utilization of organic wastes, environmental pollution treatment and clean energy, etc. Main businesses of Yingherui include comprehensive treatment system integration of urban and rural organic wastes, environmental-friendly technology development & sales, investment and operation of biomass biogas project, etc. 


    Yingherui is the earlier enterprise engaged in the design and development  of enamel-assembled tank. In 1999, the predecessor team of Yingherui completed the enamel-assembled tank designed and manufactured by Chinese people, Make a significant contribution to the industry. Through continuous innovation and improvement as well as constant summation of experience and lessons, Yingherui has become a benchmark for the industry of Chinese enamel assembly tanks, and the model enterprise of standardization and modularization in water industry and biomass biogas filed of China. At the same time, Yingherui's products have been exported to Russia, Australia, Greece, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, and applied in the fields of industrial and municipal sewage & sludge treatment, biomass biogas, waste leachate treatment, drinking water storage, etc. In 2015, Yingherui was recommended as the leading unit for drafting the industrial standard of enamel-assembled tank in China. As a benchmarking company in the industry, Yingherui has always been making unremitting endeavor for the standardization and internationalization of enamel-assembled tank in China.


    In the field of biomass biogas, Yingherui is an enterprise with more proprietary technologies. The company has cooperated with European technologically advanced technology companies for many years, We have developed a series of technology which are specially suitable for domestic raw materials. Such technologies include ABDP anaerobic biological multiplication technology against low-concentration materialslike manure cleaning by water submerging, SAHP oxygen-compatible cellulose hydrolysis technology against fibrous materials like dried straw, the biological desulfurization technology preventing biogas mixed with oxygen and nitrogen, the organic fertilizer production technology of "green production line", etc. The technology of Yingherui involves the whole A-Z services integrating R&D, design, construction, commissioning and after-sales services in the field of biogas.  Meanwhile, Yingherui also undertakes many “ production, study, research scientific research projects tasks to input innovation strength unceasingly for the development of Chinese biogas industry.


    Nowadays, Yingherui is positioned to become an Integrated agricultural waste comprehensive solution provider, create new regional environmental-friendly energy station model, and then provide a new business model for the rural environment treatment and clean energy supply as well as the development of regional circular economy. Experiencing more than ten years' focus and development, Yingherui is not just your equipment supplier and engineering contractor, but also your reliable project partner. With powerful and professional technical strength, Yingherui will facilitate the success of your project.

    Yingherui wishes to strive for the sustainable development of beautiful China together with all partners focusing on the rural environment and the recycling of fecal pollution.

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