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GFS Tank Double-membrane gas storage cabinet
Double-membrane gas storage cabinet


Double-membrane gas storage cabinet is mainly used for storage of biogas and landfill gas. It is composed of external membrane, internal membrane and basement membrane. Air is tight between external membrane and internal membrane. The external membrane forms outer sphere shape for protection, while internal membrane forms inner cavity with basement membrane for storage of biogas. Gas storage cabinet is set with explosion-proof blower to automatically regulate the access amount of gas as required to maintain the stability of pressure in the gas cabinet and meanwhile, to protect the external membrane in bad weather conditions.

Advantages of double-membrane gas storage cabinet:

1.Industrialized production with reliable quality.

2.Short construction period: the installation can be completed in 3-5 days.

3.Anti-corrosion property of membrane material is superior and the corrosion of 8,000ppm hydrogen sulfide is resistible.

4.Low pressure gas storage with high safety.

5.Available to solve anti-freezing problem in winter.

6.The internal membrane is uvioresistant and anti-aging with long service life.

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