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GFS Tank Double-membrane gas storage cabinet
GFS Tank

Enamel-assembled tank technology is a tank manufacturing technology to use high-strength steel substrate special for enamel and adopt professional enamel technology to have anti-corrosive glaze layer with high inertia fused on the surface of substrate and made into standardized steel module; after packed and transported to the construction site, the tank forming is finally completed though low-consumption and rapid installation.

Advantages of enamel-assembled tank:

1.Fast installation and short construction period.

2.Anti-corrosion property is superior, and the inorganic and organic environment adaptability is strong.

3.Good appearance improves the image of the project.

4.The temperature adaptability is strong and construction is available in the cold.

5.It can be combined with various processes to form assembled reactor and improve the added value of reactor.

6.Small maintenance, simple, long life cycle. 

7.Small and simple maintenance with life cycle far longer than similar products.

8.Available for relocation, expansion and recycling.

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