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GFS Tank Double-membrane gas storage cabinet

Yingherui is not only an environmental engineering company, We can provide you with high quality enamel panels, which are provided by Tangshan Yingherui environmental equipment co., LTD, has advanced enamel jar of streamline production line, dust-free double-membrane gas cabinet processing workshop and non-standard equipment processing workshop. Our equipment complies with relevant national standards, and we pay special attention to quality control.

Our mission is to promote equipment-oriented development of Chinese environmental protection cause and build competitive equipment-oriented facility. 

We have the equipment includes: UASB, EGSB, UBF, IC, AO, SBR, CASS, sedimentation pool, contact oxidation pool and other sewage treatment reactors; Biogas fermentation tank (CSTR, USR, etc.), biogas storage cabinet, biogas purification equipment (biological desulfurization, etc.), positive and negative pressure protector, biogas analyzer, stirrer and other biogas engineering supporting equipment; Fire protection water tank, drinking water tank, sludge storage tank, storage tank and other derivatives of enamel-assembled tank. 

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